custom fab options

You provide the need, and we provide the solution.

Our shop is equipped to handle but not limited to the following:          

  • Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum welding and fabrication
  • Custom punching (round, square, and oblong holes up to 1-1/16” in 1/2” thick material)
  • Custom shearing (up to 10" wide by 3/8" thick material)      
  • Tube bending (square or round material up to 2” OD and 1/8” thick)
  • 12 volt electric addition and/or repair (converters, winches, furnaces, lighting, etc)
  • Various woodworking
  • Pipefitting

There is a massive amount of product available seven days a week in all the major stores. But for many people, the creation of a one off custom piece is the only way to achieve the look and/or function to suit your needs.

Please contact us at your convenience so we can work with you to meet your expectations and budget.

If you visualize it, we can likely make it. 

We have worked with performance vehicle enthusiasts, property developers, construction companies, drilling companies, RV park owners, weekend warriors, and many other individuals passionate about their hobbies. From golf cart to pit car, and enclosed trailer to mobile ATM trailer -- the quality, craftsmanship, and creativity shown in our past projects speaks for itself.

We have a strong construction background in both the oil and gas as well as the commercial construction industries. Our active pastime in the recreational vehicle department also provides the knowledge and expertise to take your RV, trailer, shop, ATV, or vehicle from average to exceptional.

Be sure to visit our Custom Fabrication photo gallery for highlights of our work.

custom fabrication

Custom gates, trailers & fabrication